Right & Wrong Approach To Treat And Cure Bacterial Vaginosis Symptoms Such As Smelly Discharge

Not many girls know their vagina is a self-cleaning organ, but for them that do tend to take this for granted and neglect their responsibility of protecting it furthermore. The vagina has a magical mechanism on the inside which triggers a cleaning process; however, it needs that extra pair of hands to ensure the clean is complete. To look after the vagina will include dealing with odour, especially after a period, sex, urinating and infection. These times are likely the time for pubic hair becoming seriously soiled, therefore a thorough wash and rinse is needed to rid bad smell and grime? Remember the vagina can only clean on the inside, so it’s up to you to make sure the outer is as it should be and that being fresh and clean.

Aside from personal hygiene the vagina can be affected by many things such as infection. One popular vaginal infection is bacterial vaginosis. You will be happy to learn it is not a sexually transmitted disease and treatable. Common symptoms that identify the infection is present are a change in vaginal discharge.

Discharge signs:

• Strong fishy smell, particularly after sexual intercourse

• White or grey in colour?

• Watery

• BV is not normally known for soreness or causing itchiness.

The vagina is acidic and because of this it helps greatly in deterring bad bacteria from massing and keeps the level of good bacteria named lactobacillus. A disturbed pH balance tends to be less acidic which now can affect vaginal health. There are various factors that can upset the pH balance, menstruation, medication such as antibiotics, over-cleaning the vagina, using an IUD (intrauterine device) and semen. The imbalance pH can be partnered by an overgrowth of anaerobic organisms that substitute usual lactobacilli which in return can cause this specific infection.

There is a right and wrong approach to curing infection, get this wrong you could be adding to the problem. Number 1 is not to make an assumption of what you think that problem is. Number 2 the right way let a doctor decide what infection you have.

Treating BV

To treat bacterial vaginosis is not a complicated process and neither painful. In fact as long as it is BV, antibiotics will have it cleared in no time. Primary medication for treating BV comes in the form of antibiotic tablet’s or gel.

Bacterial vaginosis may come about as a result of

  • Regular sexually activity
  • Change of partner
  • IUD (intrauterine device)

Ways to help prevent BV

• We all love scented products. However, if they do damage along the way, then is it worth the trouble to continue using them. Re-think and change hygiene products that have a fragrance to non-scented soaps and other, especially for washing the vaginal area.

• There is no need to get overly excited with cleaning products. Constant washing is not good for the vagina. Be sensible and wash accordingly.

• Laundry day for under garments, again be sensible, strong detergent and bleach is not needed. Some strong washing powders/fabric softeners can be harmful to the skin in general.

• It can get messy around menstruation, so to avoid extra time in the bathroom change tampons or pads frequently

• Wiping from front to back after going to the lavatory will protect the vagina. To do this in reverse the vagina is under threat from unwanted soil entering.

• The vaginal area must be dried thoroughly at all times. No quick dab here and there with a towel like suggested for face and under eye-skin to prevent sagging, but rather a good rub until all moisture has gone.

• Knickers or panties need to be changed regular. Not only does this help protect against infection, it keeps odour at bay.

Pointers to identify an abnormal discharge

  • Yellow green grey pinkish or blood stained discharge
  • Thick or lumpy discharge resembling cottage cheese
  • Bad smell

Any of the above is normally a sign that you need to see a doctor. Remember treatment of bacterial vaginosis is quick and painless and once the antibiotics kick in you are infection free. Make an appointment as soon as so not to delay in getting rid of your BV.

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